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Evolvy Lavender natural deodorant is soothing and protective. It prevents the formation of bad odors throughout the day. It gives your underarms a relaxed and well-groomed feeling!

Formulated with nourishing organic coconut oil, zinc oxide, kaolin clay and sodium bicarbonate to help absorb moisture and reduce the effects of perspiration. Natural deodorant with lavender scent, designed for long-lasting freshness.

Vegetable-based beeswax is used in its formulation, which does not contain animal products. The base of this deodorant was created using candelila wax instead of beeswax, so it is suitable for vegans.

You don't need to use plastic packaged products to avoid the smell of sweat. Evolvy natural deodorant comes in a 100% biodegradable bottom-push cardboard tube!

Natural Deo is formulated with 100% natural ingredients to keep you fresh and fresh throughout the day!


**All Evolvy products are formulated by Pharmacist Evrim Damar Konuk and produced in small batches in our laboratory in accordance with GMP requirements.


**All Evolvy products are made using natural, vegan, botanical ingredients and are not tested on animals.



Deodorant ingredients have been a hot topic lately. Our indispensable care product, especially in summer days; deodorants. There are many options for deodorant. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to having so many options. Therefore, attention should be paid to the choice of deodorant and a good research should be done while buying deodorant.

With each passing day, cleaner and more transparent contents began to come to the fore in personal care products. Like many other products, we are now starting to see cleaner content deodorants that do not contain aluminum on the shelves. We all deserve to take better care of our skin by using natural deodorants. We can say that Natural Deo - Natural Deodorant comes into play at this point. Natural Deo - Natural Deodorant prevents the growth of bacteria that cause bad odor in our body and provides protection for up to thirty-six hours. It also promises to neutralize the smell of sweat by absorbing moisture in a natural way. It is very important for a deodorant to provide up to thirty-six hours of protection. Deodorants, which are one of the biggest saviors in the summer heat, are sufficient and satisfying factors to be preferred because they can prevent the smell of sweat for a long time and provide protection.

Natural Deo - Why is Natural Deodorant Different?

Unlike other deodorants, natural deodorants have a cleaner content. So what is clean content? Many of the products we use contain harmful substances that are not skin-friendly. Although many of these substances do not directly harm in the short term, they can cause many damage and discomfort in the long term. They can be products that can harm users with the alcohol and many different chemical components they contain. Since deodorants are personal care products that come into direct contact with our body, they are natural deodorants. Choosing is very important.

It is also very important to find products that are truly reliable and fulfill their promises, as natural deodorants that do not contain harmful active ingredients are becoming more and more widespread.

Another feature of natural deodorants is that they do not have a formula to mask the smell of sweat like ordinary deodorants. It naturally prevents bad odor caused by sweating and does not contain alcohol. Natural Deo - Natural Deodorant, which you will feel the difference from the first use, will amaze you with its smell and content. In addition, since it is not in the form of a spray, you can get a full efficiency in terms of usage amount.

Natural Deo - What Does a Natural Deodorant Do?

Natural Deo - Natural Deodorant, which is used as an underarm deodorant, prevents the growth of bacteria that cause bad odor in the body, thanks to the antibacterial effect of coconut oil and zinc oxide it contains. Many other deodorants mask bad odors in the body and cannot provide a long-term measure. In addition, many of the deodorants used in the form of sprays can leave marks on the clothes you wear. It can cause sensitivity under the armpit while tightening. But Natural Deo - Natural Deodorant; It does not mask the odor, it provides a definite solution by preventing the formation of odor. Since it has a creamy structure, problems such as staining on clothes are not encountered. Also, there are no undesirable side effects such as underarm irritation. This highly effective formula can be considered as the best natural deodorant as it neutralizes the odor caused by perspiration in a natural way. At this point, you may think that it has a negative effect on the healthy functioning of the body. However, such is not the case. In accordance with the body routine, the sweating function continues and Natural Deo - Natural Deodorant does not prevent it in any way. Having a clean and well-groomed body should not harm the skin. Natural Deo - Natural Deodorant, which is sold in stick form and in a white kraft box with bottom push, gives the feeling of having a healthy and clean structure from the very beginning with its package.

Natural Deo - How to Use Natural Deodorant?

Natural Deo Natural Deodorant, which comes across as a herbal deodorant, is also different from ordinary deodorants. This deodorant, which has a creamy texture, can be removed by pushing with your finger from the bottom of the packaging, and you can apply it to a clean and dry armpit. You should wait for a while for your skin to absorb this deodorant, similar to hand creams, which differs from deodorants whose natural deodorant is spray. It protects for up to thirty-six hours in a single use in daily movements and normal climatic conditions of a person. However, some nuances can be observed in the characteristics of the individual, different climatic conditions and different temperature values. Depending on these differences, it may be necessary to renew it during the day. In general, commercial products that promise long-term protection have components included in the content to provide this protection. However, Natural Deo Natural Deodorant is a very effective product in terms of having a completely natural content and providing long-term protection.

Natural Deo - What are the Storage Conditions of Natural Deodorant?

The storage conditions of this product, which can be evaluated in the category of homemade natural deodorant, are also very easy. Care should be taken not to leave the lid of the product open. It should be stored at a normal room temperature, in a dry and out of light place. The life of the product is nine months after opening the cover. It is not recommended to use the product after the expiry date. Outdated products can have harmful effects depending on the sensitivity of the skin. Natural Deo - Natural Deodorant is not used as a spray, so attention should be paid to deadlines. If used carefully, it will provide a long-lasting and healthy use.

Natural Deo - Natural Deodorant - Product Content

  • Coconut Oil,
  • Sodium bicarbonate,
  • Kaolin Clay,
  • Candelila Candle,
  • Zinc Oxide,
  • Pure Vitamin E,
  • Lavender Essential Oil
Do not use the product without an allergy test.

Click here for information on how to do it.

In the dermatological test study performed on volunteers, it was reported to be dermatologically uneventful. Dermatologically tested.

Natural Deo Natural Deodorant

Aroma- Fragrance

lavender note


30 cc white bottom push kraft box


30 ml


gray color


Intense creamy consistency

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