What is a Holistic Skin Care Routine?

Although our skin types are different, the task of the skin is fixed for everyone: to protect our body from external factors!
Harmful external influences meet our first skin. Thanks to the barrier function of our skin, we are protected from harmful effects.
The skin protection shield is formed both physically (skin), chemically (pH) and microbiota (good bacteria).
The skin, whose barrier function is impaired, has many problems.
You observe this in the mirror in different ways depending on your skin type. These are: drying, excessive oiliness, exfoliation, dullness, skin tone unevenness, etc.
The holistic skincare routine actually focuses on the root of the problem. It supports your skin to correct its barrier function, which is the main task of your skin.
We support your skin's barrier function by repairing it with a holistic skin care routine.
For me, the most important purpose of skin care is to restructure the skin. In other words, helping the skin to do its main duty in a healthy way by returning it to its essence.
Returning to its essence, the skin glows. Problems are decreasing and your skin is getting better over time.
In fact, this glow is not highlight, but the glow of a healthy skin!
Today, if you want to repair your skin barrier, reconstruct your skin and restore it to its former glow, you can start your holistic skin care routine right away and return to your essence.
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