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The second step of the skin care routine is to wipe the skin with tonic cotton or to spray the toner. There are two important reasons for applying tonic to the skin after the cleansing phase.

First , it is a supplement to cleaning in terms of purifying your pores. Unfortunately, classical cleansers cannot clean your pores. Providing antioxidant support to the pores and metabolic balancing of the skin surface is the task of the tonic.

Secondly, before moisturizing the skin, it purifies the dead cells responsible for the dry and dull appearance of the skin and reduces the absorption ability of the skin. This ensures that care products such as moisturizing or serum are better absorbed by the skin. Dead skin cells do not accumulate on the skin you wipe with cotton, which allows your serum or moisturizer to be better absorbed and your skin to benefit more.

One of the most common questions we get is whether the tonic should be applied to the skin with cotton or sprayed on the face.

Our recommendation is the COTTON WIPE method, where you can meet your daily micro-exfoliation needs and increase the absorption of skin products with a physical wiping process.

My suggestion to you is that there is no drying agent in the tonics you will use. Because if we dry the skin while cleaning or toning the skin, unfortunately, the performance of the moisturizer you will use in the next step will be low.

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