Cosmo Lab Evolvy

The Story of Natural Products Produced by Filtering from the Savings of a Pharmacist…

Cosmo Lab Evolvy; A story that was written with the aim of making skin care more practical for its users and its history was set as "2017"...

It is a story that is relaunched by putting a comma instead of a dot, with an ending that fully meets the expectations.

A story written by pharmacist Evrim Damar Konuk…

Pharmacist Evrim Damar Guest Evolvy


I'm Evolution.

A pharmacist who graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy in 2000; A mother who took her son Can in her arms in 2013; I am an entrepreneur whose sensitivity to human health and the environment has reached its peak with the combination of motherhood and pharmacy, so I founded Cosmo Lab in 2017 and started to produce natural skin care products.

The background to my entrepreneurship is that my ongoing Hashimoto's disease worsened with pregnancy and I was diagnosed with Rosacea, a skin disease. Taking the first step that led to the establishment of Cosmo Lab coincides with such a period: In my own pharmacy, I blend my knowledge from my faculty years and interpret it according to myself, and I start making skin care products tailored to my own needs.

The education I received with the frequency of these steps and the love I feel for my profession encourage me to do a job that blends R&D, innovation, production and training in the seventeenth year of my pharmacy practice. Having worked for the benefit of society and for the establishment of social health for years is the biggest advantage I have when starting this business.

On the way to progress, I am taking aromatherapy training and finally, I start to write my story officially in 2017. I name it Cosmo Lab; In honor of the intensive training in chemistry, botany and medicine I received at the university. (I would like to make a note for those who do not know; Cosmo Lab is an acronym used by pharmacy students when they want to commemorate the practice laboratory of their cosmetology course.)

And Evolvy is added to the name of my story like a surname…

When we come to 2019, Evolvy takes its place next to Cosmo Lab. Evolvy is a reference I made to my own name, which I love very much and think I have the characteristics of: It is a name derived from the English equivalent of my name, which means "change and evolution". The addition of Evolvy to the name of Cosmo Lab triggered my desire for the products I formulated and produced to create positive changes in their users. Today, I cannot describe the happiness that I have created by getting the reward of this desire.

Cosmo Lab Evolvy is essentially a chain of stories… On the one hand, it tells about local production, beauty, health, women's power in business life, compassion and organizational ability, on the other hand, it is the starting point of sailings that will set sail for new adventures. Although cosmetic products are produced, Cosmo Lab continues to maintain its quality as a school that never closes, where I organize trainings, workshops and webinars on natural cosmetics and aromatherapy applications for professionals and enthusiasts.

I'm Evolution. As a pharmacist, she knows the skin, as an entrepreneur she knows what's good for her, and as a mother she wants to build a healthy future, so I don't compromise on safety when designing effective products.”


Cosmo Lab Evolvy products are first designed theoretically by Damar Konuk, then produced by passing many test stages. Quality raw materials taken from the essence of nature are used in the formulation of all productions, and safety tests are carried out by an expert staff gathered under the roof of Cosmo Lab Evolvy, under the leadership of Damar Konuk. The production process ends with the notification of the products to the TR Ministry of Health, which is the only authority in the field of cosmetics in Turkey.

I wish to write the happiest stories together.


Pharmacist Evrim Damar Guest