Spring Cleaning for Your Skin, 5 Simple Tips to Prepare Your Skin for Spring! How to Take Skin Care in Spring?

Spring Cleaning for Your Skin, 5 Simple Tips to Prepare Your Skin for Spring, How to Take Care of Your Skin in Spring?

How about doing a spring cleaning for your skin? As you prepare to leave the extremely cold and windy days behind, listen to our advice to regain your glow!

The change of seasons may require you to make minor changes in your skin care routine. While leaving the cold winter days behind, it can be a great time to review your skin care, taking into account that the sun will increase the effect in the coming days.


Spring is a great time to get rid of dead and useless cells and refresh the skin. While you can exfoliate with serums containing AHA, you can also prefer natural peelings such as sugar scrubs for fast results.


In order to prevent your spots from previous years from getting darker, it may be the perfect time to regain your radiance to start before the sun's rays get steeper and intensify. Since spot care is a care that should be approached holistically, you can choose special care sets created for sunspots. Do not neglect the use of sunscreen.


Acne spots that leave scars take on a darker color as the sun intensifies and gets steeper. The best way to prevent acne spots is to use sunscreen cream. In addition, using products containing salicylic acid helps to heal acne spots. Since acne is a general skin problem, you can consider using skin care kits prepared with a holistic approach specifically for acne-prone skin.


As of spring, the sun's rays begin to get steeper. Even if UVA, which ages the skin, is present in the air in winter and summer, the intensity of UVB rays, which accelerates the formation of stains, begins to increase. Even if you skipped your sunscreen in the winter (which is not a good thing), you should definitely decide which one to use in the spring and apply it every day you go out. You can choose natural, high protection factor sunscreens that do not weigh or whiten the skin.


Hydration is vital for your skin. A good moisturizer increases the skin's elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps balance excess oiliness. It can be great to add a hydrating toner to your skincare routine in the spring that will boost the performance of your moisturizer. A moisturizing toner gives your skin an instant freshness and also helps your makeup stay longer.

Skincare can be overwhelming at times, and there are so many products that you may not be sure if you're making the right decisions. At Evolvy, you can find all-natural, vegan, pharmacist-produced products specific to your skin condition, with special skin care sets, so that you can find the products that suit your needs.

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