Are Acids Safe in Skincare?

Is It Safe to Use Acids in Skin Care?

Acids, which no longer function and remove dead skin cells from the skin, can cause many skin care users to worry because of their name.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids, known as AHA - Beta Hydroxy Acids, known as BHA, are ingredients that have been used in cosmetics for many years and have been studied for dozens of years.

All acids have an exfoliating effect, but AHAs can be used by all skin types, while BHAs are good for people with problem skin as they have an antibacterial effect and prevent clogged pores.

We can say that acids accelerate the cell renewal of the skin, improve the appearance of skin blemishes, reduce fine lines, that is, make the skin look more alive and young. Therefore, in my opinion, the use of acids has great benefits for the skin.

How can you use it both useful and safe?

When adding acids to your skin care routine, it is useful to keep an eye on brands that do not compromise their scientific approach.

-The critical point for safety is the type of concentration and acids used on our skin.

-The safety level in cosmetic products should be preferred if the pH is greater than 3.5 and the acid concentration is less than 10%.

- It is important for the end user to start by accustoming the skin to acids and to use it with daily sun protection.

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