Could My Skin Barrier Be Damaged? How Do You Know If Your Skin Barrier Is Damaged?

Could My Skin Barrier Be Damaged, How Do You Know If Your Skin Barrier Has Been Damaged?


In order to understand whether your skin barrier is damaged or not, you need to observe your skin very well and review your lifestyle habits in detail.

We have prepared a 10-question test for you to do this in a shorter time and in a more practical way. By answering the questions, you can take the test we have prepared for you to read the condition of your skin barrier and our recommendations on what to do to fix it.


The skin barrier begins to weaken when exposed to harmful external influences continuously or in large amounts or for a long time, accompanied by bad lifestyle habits. The skin, which has difficulty in coping with harmful external effects, has difficulty in producing sebum, which is the protective layer on it, over time, the skin tissue with low sebum begins to leak the water in its content, which causes dehydration. First of all, with the decrease in the production of sebum by the skin and its presentation to the skin, dehydration and hardness occur.


Any abnormal condition you observe on your skin may be a sign that your skin barrier is damaged. These signs, which first start with moisture , tension and dryness , over time itching, redness, skin tone unevenness, excessive oiliness, acne, spots, increase in the appearance of capillaries, delayed healing of wounds and leaving dark marks, early signs of aging, decrease in skin elasticity and allergic reactions. manifested in reactions .

In addition, various lifestyle habits and environmental conditions also damage the skin barrier.

To understand this situation, you should observe your skin well, choose your skin care and make-up products more carefully, and also protect your skin against harmful external factors.

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You can take the test we have prepared for you to read our recommendations about the condition of your skin barrier and what to do to fix it. CLICK for the test !

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