Skin Type Test! How Do I Know My Skin Type? Identify Your Skin Type in 8 Questions? How is the Skin Type Test Performed?

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What is Skin Type?

Skin type is a classification method that is genetically transmitted to us, does not change over time, and is made by considering different characteristics of the skin. There are four types of skin according to the characteristic features it shows.

  • Oily Skin Type
  • Combination Skin Type
  • Dry Skin Type
  • Normal Skin Type

You can easily determine your skin type based on very simple observations or with tests specially prepared for skin type detection.

What is Skin Type Test?

Skin type test These are tests to find out which of the above-mentioned groups your skin belongs to, based on simple observational criteria. Even if experts can understand your skin type after a short skin examination, more precise results are obtained as a result of questions and answers given to the person for clearer results.

Why is Skin Type Test Necessary?

Skin type tests first of all it is a great start to get to know your skin. Many people can consciously make many choices by determining their skin type, where to start skin care , which products to choose, which products will be good for their skin or not. For example, oily and mixed skin types are the skin types that are most mixed in skin types and therefore are treated incorrectly. Although they may seem similar, they both need different care and approach.

How Do I Know My Skin Type?

For skin type determination, it is decided by looking at criteria such as the level of oil secretion (sebum amount), shine level, moisture level, amount of pores, location of pores, flaking and sensitivity. In line with these features, you can understand your skin type.

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How is the Skin Type Test Performed?

You can easily determine your skin type by answering the tests consisting of questions about your skin, which are prepared for the determination of one of the four skin types. Skin types test As a result, you can determine your skin type. As a result of the test, your skin shows characteristics of one of the oily, combination, dry or normal skin types.


Skin type test Four types of skin types are identified. These are oily, combination, dry and normal skin types. We have tried to explain below how they differ.

What is Oily Skin Type?

Oily skin type has overactive sebaceous glands that produce excess sebum, sebum is overproduced. The skin shines and the pores are evident.

What is Combination Skin Type?

Different sebum secretion is observed in different parts of the face. It is a combination of oily and dry skin. It produces too much sebum in the T-zone of the skin. The amount of sebum on the cheeks, around the mouth and around the eyes is low, and it is secreted more than it should be in the T-zone. Cheeks are dry and dull; over the nose, forehead and chin area makes shine due to excessive oil secretion. The pores in the T zone are prominent.

What is Dry Skin Type?

In dry skin type, the skin's sebum production is low. The skin, which secretes less sebum, does not retain the water in its own body and dries out. Its appearance is matte and flaky.

What is Normal Skin Type?

Sebum secretion and pore appearance appear normal. It does not look matte or glossy.

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What will it do for me to understand my skin type?

Understanding your skin type means understanding your skin's needs. When you understand the needs of your skin, you can understand how to care for it, how to use make-up products, the reactions of your skin and the reasons for these reactions, and you can meet its needs in this direction. Learning your skin type is very important for a healthy and radiant skin appearance. By answering 8 simple questions, you can learn your skin type and meet your skin's needs in the most effective way.

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