What is a Pore? How are the pores on the skin closed?

What is a Pore? How are the pores on the skin closed?

Have you noticed invisible hollow pits on your skin? If your answer is yes, you have probably wondered about the correct answer to the question of how to close the pores on the skin. These hollow pits are not a serious inconvenience and can be annoying due to aesthetic concerns. In this article, we will explain how the pores on the skin are closed, why they are caused and how they can be eliminated.

What is a Pore?

Pores are called small openings in the skin. Our skin breathes through these tiny openings. Our pores contain hair follicles and sebaceous glands, which produce the sebum that keeps our skin moist. In fact, pores are not harmful openings for the skin and cannot be completely closed. The image that bothers people occurs when the pores become larger than normal, and this problem is eliminated with the help of pore tightening.

How Are Pores Formed on the Skin?

There are 3 main factors that cause the enlargement of the pores:

  • Genetic

Generally, as a natural consequence of aging, collagen production decreases and this causes the pores to expand.

  • excessive sebum production

The harmful effects of the sun are known to trigger excessive sebum production.

  • thick hair roots

Thick hair follicles cause the elasticity of the pores to decrease, which in turn causes the pores to expand.

How are the pores on the skin closed?

Although pores are most common on the face, they can occur in many areas of the skin such as arms and legs. There is no such thing as closing the pores, but there are many ways to shrink the pores:

  • Wash your skin 2 times a day with daily cleansers

Cleaning products suitable for daily use help keep the pores clean. Gently wash your skin twice a day, morning and evening, with the help of a cleanser suitable for your skin type.

  • Use cleansers suitable for your skin type.

Purify your skin deeply with cleansers suitable for your skin type.

  • Moisturize your skin every day

When you moisturize your skin regularly, you can prevent excessive sebum production. Apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin to clean and damp skin. Moisturizing the skin regularly has a pore-tightening effect as it allows the sebaceous glands to penetrate deeply into the skin layer.

  • Get help with topical retinoids

Since products containing vitamin A are known to act as pore tighteners, these products that you can add to your skin care routine will support your care.

  • Exfoliate your skin regularly

Exfoliating regularly removes accumulated dirt and dead skin cells on the skin surface. This process helps to make the skin smoother and reduces the appearance of large pores.

  • Use a clay mask

Another feature of the clay mask, which is very beneficial for the skin, is that it has a pore-tightening effect. Do not forget to add a clay mask to your skin care routine.

  • Go to the steam room

Your pores may look enlarged because dirt is filling them. Wait for 10 minutes in a steam room and then wash your face and pat dry with a clean towel.

  • Get support from essential oils

Essential oils such as clove oil have been found to remove bacteria. You can shrink your pores with essential oils that you add to your skin care routine.

  • Try a chemical peel

Chemical peels exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin and preparing the ground for a renewed skin layer. Chemical peeling provides a pore-tightening effect by removing excess dirt accumulated in the pores. It is recommended to apply chemical-containing products in accordance with your skin structure with the advice of a dermatologist.

  • Don't forget to remove your makeup before going to sleep.

Sleeping with makeup can cause dirt to accumulate on the skin, clogging the pores. The clogging of the pores causes the appearance of large pores. Be sure to remove your make-up and clean your skin before going to sleep.

Why Do Percent Pores Occur?

Large pores on the face are more visible than other parts of the skin. The 6 items we have mentioned below may be the factors that cause the pores on the face to expand:

  • Genetic
  • Oily skin

Oily skin may be more prone to the appearance of large pores.

  • Aging

As you get older, your pores may have a larger appearance as the skin loses its elasticity.


  • sun damage

Most skin problems are caused by direct exposure to the sun's rays. Just like other skin disorders, one of the reasons for the appearance of large pores is sun rays.

How Do Facial Pores Pass?

In addition to the pore tightening methods we mentioned above, for the treatment of facial pores:

  • Add skin care products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) to your routine.

Alpha hydroxy acids increase the production of collagen in the skin, thus increasing the elasticity of the skin while tightening it. If you are going to include skin care products containing AHA in your skin care routine for the first time, we recommend that you start with a product with a low amount of acid and apply it 2 times a week. You can increase the frequency of application over time.

What Can We Do At Home To Tighten The Pores?

Tightening pores is not that difficult. Here's what you can do at home:

  • Do not forget to use sunscreen,

The use of sunscreen will not only protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, but also prevent excess sebum production by moisturizing the skin. This means smaller pores.

  • for plenty of water,

Drinking plenty of water is the most effortless way to hydrate your skin. Dry skin that has lost its moisture will cause the pores to expand.

  • Do not forget to clean your makeup,

Sleeping without removing your makeup will expand your pores.

  • Make a habit of eating healthy.

Inner health is important for outer beauty! Adapting a healthy diet to your life will reduce acne formation. This means smaller pores.

Pore ​​Tightening Natural Methods

Here are some methods you can use at home:

  • Use products containing aloe vera

The zinc present in aloe vera is known to help tighten pores. This helps to reduce the appearance of large pores while smoothing the skin texture. Aloe vera gel also cleanses the skin and helps remove oil and dirt that cause pores to appear larger than normal. You can use products that contain aloe vera.

The use of aloe vera products can be mentioned, not the aloe vera version directly.

  • egg white mask

Egg whites are known to tighten the skin and help shrink pores. This will likewise make your pores appear smaller and less prominent.

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