How Do You Repair The Skin Barrier Without Wasting Time? Why Is The Skin Barrier So Important For The Beauty Of The Skin? How Do You Repair the Skin Barrier? How Do You Protect Your Skin Barrier?


The skin is a very large organ.

Its task is to protect other organs, tissues, blood vessels, bones, muscles and everything that happens in our body from the external environment.

What a big and difficult task, right?

So what protects the skin from external factors?

The barrier of the skin, with the more scientific name, The Barrier Function of the Skin, protects the skin itself from the external environment.

In order for your skin to shine with health and look beautiful, the skin needs to do its job in the best way possible. In order for the skin to do its job, it must not be affected by external influences and must be well protected by the barrier function of the skin.


In this article, I will talk about the logic of how to restore your damaged skin barrier to its former function.

Once you understand this logic, nothing about the skin barrier will be confusing to you, and from now on you will be much more conscious when purchasing your skin care products and doing your skin care.


Let's start by understanding the parameters that make up the skin barrier.

There are three parameters that make up the skin barrier.

  • The amount of oil in the skin
  • The amount of water (moisture) in the skin
  • pH of the skin

What does the amount of oil in the skin mean?

The oil your skin produces to keep itself more flexible and soft is called SEBUM. The skin produces this oil from the sebum glands and carries it onto the skin. If your skin is optimally oily, it will be more flexible, soft and radiant, and it will not allow water leakage (trans epidermal water loss). The presence of oil in the skin preserves moisture in the skin to some extent.

What can you do to protect the amount of oil (sebum) in the skin?

1-First of all, you need to stop washing with harsh cleansers that dissolve the sebum layer of the skin.

2-You can try to care for the skin with natural vegetable oils rich in omega fatty acids, which can mimic the sebum of the skin.

3- You can include more quality (rich in omega fatty acids) oils in your diet.

What does the moisture content of the skin mean?

The skin loses water during the day, or in its scientific name, this is called trans epidermal water loss.

This is inevitable, but you can minimize it.

The skin needs a certain level of moisture in order for the skin to appear more supple, more radiant, to have an even skin tone and for the skin cells to perform their duties.

What can you do to preserve the moisture of the skin?

  • You can definitely use a Water Based (emulsion type) moisturizing cream.
  • You can avoid hot showers and baths.
  • In very hot and very cold weather, you can make it a habit not to go out without taking precautions to protect your skin.


What does skin pH mean?

The pH of a healthy skin should be below 5. In other words, the skin is slightly acidic.

If the pH is below 5, probiotic bacteria living on the skin can easily reproduce. The integrity of these beneficial bacteria is very important for the skin. They play a major role in the skin's defense system. Because these good bacteria do not allow other harmful bacteria to settle on the skin.

In addition, many vital reactions for the skin take place at the ideal pH.

What can you do to maintain the skin's pH?

  • Avoid washing with soap. Classic soaps have a pH of around 9.
  • Extremely acidic products such as lemon vinegar, etc. Do not use the products on your skin.
  • Use acid serums on intermittent days rather than daily.
  • Prefer slightly acidic products for your skin with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5.


The skin barrier can fulfill its task when these three parameters are at an optimal level. In addition, these three parameters improve or worsen depending on each other.

Just fixing one parameter is not enough to repair your skin barrier.

In order to repair your skin barrier, it requires an all-encompassing skin care approach that covers these three parameters.

With just one product or one ingredient, skin barrier repair can take a very long time and is left to chance.

Which products should be included in the holistic barrier-repairing skin care routine?

  • CLEANING: Products that clean without removing the existing sebum should be preferred. Gentle cleansers or oil-based cleansers will do this task.
  • TONIC: You should bring the pH of the skin, which is slightly neutral or alkaline during the day, to the required pH of the skin with a slightly acidic product. A slightly low pH toner will help you solve this problem.
  • HUMIDIFIER: You should replace the water that evaporates from your skin (transepidermal water loss) with a water-based (emulsion type) moisturizer. A water-based cream produced with natural oils replaces water, prevents water leakage and repairs the skin with natural ingredients.
  • PROTECTION : Using sunscreen while going out in all seasons protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun and extreme climatic conditions.


Assembling individual products and checking their contents and functions one by one can be challenging in the daily hustle and bustle.

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I hope this article has helped you to expand your knowledge about SKIN BARRIER.

With the hope that you can get along with your skin and make it and yourself happy...

The secret of achieving a beautiful skin that shines with health is the right information about skin and skin care, with the right products, and stable skin care.

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