Why Natural Deodorant?

1- You support the natural processes of your body: Natural deodorants do not stop a natural process such as sweating. Also, they don't make you smell floral like a perfume (we don't naturally smell floral).

2- You support the growth of good bacteria: The smell coming from the armpits is not actually the smell of sweat. It is an odor caused by bacteria that encounters sweat. Odor-causing bacteria multiply excessively in the environment with the use of chemical deodorants and antiperspirants. When you start using natural deodorants, you allow good and beneficial bacteria to live. This ensures that you don't smell as bad as before, even on days when you don't use deodorant.

3- You contribute to the softness of your armpits: Natural deodorants use natural vegetable oils as solvents. Natural vegetable oils soften the skin. Less ingrown hairs are seen under the arms, which are softened with oils.

4- You Protect Your Clothes: Aluminum and other chemicals found in your standard deodorants can cause a certain reaction in various fabrics. Aluminum salts and various chemicals have the potential to leave unsightly, large stains, especially on light-colored fabrics.

5- You help animals and nature:
With the use of natural deodorants, you do not need to think about the pollution of the water and the animals affected by the polluted water. It's a small step, but small steps ultimately lead to big changes over time.

Do yourself and the planet a favor by switching to natural deodorant today.

If you want us to help, natural deodorant is available both as READY and DIY KIT on our website.

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