What Is Titanium Dioxide?

Titanium, the ninth most common element in the earth's crust, is a metal commonly found in plants and animals. Titanium is naturally found in sand and soils, naturally reacting with oxygen to form titanium dioxide. So it can be found completely naturally in nature.

Where is titanium dioxide used and what are the benefits?

Pure titanium dioxide is a shiny, fine, white powder. Titanium dioxide has been used for over a hundred years in many products, including paints, coatings, adhesives, paper, plastic and rubber, printing inks, coated fabrics and textiles, as well as ceramics, floor coatings, roofing materials, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics .

Most of the area of ​​use in cosmetics is colored cosmetics, that is, make-up products. It is used to form the base of oxide dyes in color cosmetics and this accounts for 80% of its use in the cosmetic industry. A large part of it is used to increase the lightfastness of colored cosmetics. These numbers inform us that Titanium Dioxide is mostly used in the production of colored cosmetics.

Many people know Titanium Dioxide as an active ingredient in sunscreens. Titanium Dioxide works as a UV reflective ingredient in sunscreen – helping to protect one's skin by reflecting the sun's ultraviolet light, which can cause sunburn and has also been linked to skin cancer, before it is absorbed through the skin.

Unfortunately, Titanium Dioxide is not a molecule that has been talked about very well lately. I say sorry because it doesn't deserve this bad reputation. Since it fulfills many functions in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, it can be difficult to create an alternative.

Let's get to know this molecule a little more closely, which has been the victim of judgment before knowledge deepens.


The European Union has published its report containing the recommendation that necessary regulations be made to classify titanium dioxide as a suspected carcinogen by inhalation . The European Chemicals Agency Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) declared on 9 June 2017 that TiO2, a substance commonly used in paints, construction materials and other industrial and consumer goods, meets the criteria for being a suspected cause of cancer by inhalation (inhalation, lung contact) . announced.

If you are working with powdered Titanium Dioxide and not wearing a mask, or if there is TiO2 in the wall paint or construction material you paint your house, you should be careful!

Titanium dioxide is currently a prohibited material for use in construction paints in the European Union .

With regard to other product legislation, the use of titanium dioxide may continue, with measures to protect workers in production.

The European Union Consumer Commission describes these product classes that can be considered SAFE as follows: Food , Food contact plastic materials, toys, Cosmetics and declares that they will apply to the EU Eco-label .

It is impossible to breathe because Titanium Dioxide, which is used in sunscreens for UV protection, is dispersed in the cream as a formulation structure and does not come into contact with air. In addition, mineral filters applied to the skin cannot be absorbed from the skin due to their molecular structure. The task of mineral filters is to provide physical protection by covering the upper surface of the skin. It is also impossible for the Titanium Dioxide you apply to your skin to go to your lungs and cause problems there. Because the ways of breathing are different, the ways of absorption through the skin are different.

For this reason, Titanium Dioxide in both make-up materials and sunscreen creams is SAFE!

Our country has the status of EU candidate member state ; commits to the EU to follow legislation such as cosmetics and consumer rights; Our laws in these matters are almost the same. We take and implement decisions in line with the EU.

Turkey's cosmetic legislation in line with the EU; It is a situation that puts me at ease as a mother, a world citizen and a pharmacist. Because the consumer protection laws of the European Union always put the consumer first.

Conspiracy theorists often come out of America because there is a widespread belief that the system watches over capital. However, the priority for the European Union is always the consumer, the environment and science.

After all, there is no opinion in science; Evidence either exists or it does not.

We have evidence on this and the evidence shows that Titanium Dioxide is SAFE if NOT INHALED .

I hope you can continue reading comfortably when your eyes see Titanium Dioxide while reading cosmetic product contents :)

Trust Science, Stay with Love

Pharmacist Evrim Damar Guest

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