5 features that make oil-based cleaning essential

1- Helping to prevent moisture loss of the skin: Oil cleansing should be preferred for the first step in skin care, as it cleanses the skin without drying it, unlike most other skin cleansing products.
2- The most natural way to clean oil-based residues: It provides fast, easy and natural removal of all kinds of oil-based make-up (including those that do not dissolve in water) and sunscreen, which are not absorbed from the skin, with a similar solvent logic. If your make-up stays on your skin for more than 8 hours, you should definitely evaluate the oil cleanser.
3- Balancing skin oil (sebum): Oil does not only moisturize the skin. Oils also act as a solvent for other oils. The oil cleanser dissolves the excess oil (sebum) on the skin surface. This balances your sebum secretion over time.
4- Makes the skin supple and soft: Since it does not contain an extra substance that dries the skin, your skin becomes supple, soft and smooth after oil cleansing.
5- It is compatible with dual-phase cleaning. It is fully compatible with other water-based cleaners should you choose dual-phase cleaning.
The best cleansing oils for the skin contain unscented plant oils. They're rich in ingredients known as glycerides that multitask by removing what you don't want to stay on your skin all night (make-up and sunscreen) while replenishing what skin needs more, like skin-smoothing moisturizers.
The difference of Cosmo Lab Rinse-Off Oil Cleaner from other oil cleaners is that it is a cleaning oil formulated to be rinsed with water and not leave an oily residue.
While cleaning the skin daily with Cosmo Lab Rinseable Oil Cleaner; You won't dry your skin. While your skin maintains its softness and flexibility, you support the balancing of excess sebum secretion in your skin. If you adopt the dual-phase cleansing routine, you can remove your waterproof make-up without leaving any residue on your skin.
More than an ordinary Oil cleaner!
Flexibility, softness, cleansing and support for moist skin in a single bottle!
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