How to Use Evolvy Products

We are very happy that you have chosen our all natural, vegan, cruelty-free and effective products for your care experience!

If you are wondering how to use your products, the information below may help you.

On this page we will talk about the use of the products.

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1- Soft & Gentle Oil Based Cleanser:

Apply it to your dry skin with an oil-based cleanser that you will take a small amount on your clean and dry hand by means of the pump. After spreading all over the face, massage your skin with this product for 1 minute. After making sure that you have spread all the product on your skin, wet your hand with water and continue massaging in circular motions. Wetting with water is important because milking and cleaning takes place at this stage. It will not be right to rinse at this stage. The slight white color seen when water and oil mix will also indicate that your face has been cleaned. After light whitening, that is, after milking, continue the massage for 1 minute. You can then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

2- Hydrate Plus Natural Tonic:

Hydrate plus tonic is a product that needs to be shaken before use because it is dual-phase. In the morning and evening, the cotton should be sprayed 5-6 times with the help of a spray pump. The tonic, which is applied as wiping all over the face, except the eye area, should be allowed to dry before washing. Then serum or moisturizing cream should be applied.

3- Renovate & Hydrate Natural Moisturizing Cream:

Renovate & Hydrate Natural Moisturizing Face Cream, which is applied by massaging to clean skin after tonic or water-based serums (Radiant or Smooth), should be applied to the neck and décolleté area along with the face.

You should apply Renovate & Hydrate Natural Moisturizing Face Cream by spreading it all over your skin and massaging it with soft movements. The product, which is applied slowly with circular movements, provides effective moistening by penetrating under the skin in a short time.

4- How to Use Protect & Care SPF50+ Sunscreen Cream?

One of the biggest known mistakes about sunscreen cream is to apply it when you go out in the sun. However, these products should be applied 15 minutes before going out in the sun. Successful results are obtained when half a teaspoon or a teaspoon of cream is distributed evenly on the face and neck area.

Although the sunscreen face cream should be renewed every 2 hours, it should be applied again after sweating, wiping the face and neck area, taking a shower, swimming in the pool or the sea.

5- How to Use Radiant and Smooth Serum (Water Based Serums)?