Normal Skin Care Routine for Young Skin


Due to your age, your skin is currently working on the balance of construction and destruction either in favor of construction or equally. You're in luck, appreciate it :)

Your metabolism can easily overcome existing threats if there is no underlying autoimmune or systemic disease.

Since your skin type is NORMAL, you have skin with a well-balanced moisture content. Your skin looks clear, bright and healthy too (Hooray)!


Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin regularly. Get rid of the dead skin that accumulates on your skin on a weekly basis, a weekly nourishing mask will contribute to the glow of your skin.

If you have Young and Normal Skin type, the biggest goal of skin care for you will be to maintain your current condition. Sounds easy, right? But it may not be that easy!

Anti-aging products, harsh facial cleansers , or low-cost skin care and cheap make-up products that you start early can ruin and damage your skin structure.

Choosing products that are as natural and integrated with the skin as possible, without tiring your skin, without putting an additional burden on it, is the most important element of preserving the current state of your skin. Turning to natural products in skin care for young skins will also be a good investment for skin conditions in later ages.

However, when recommending natural skin care, I unconsciously exclude skin care products that are applied just because they are natural.


Evolvy's primary philosophy in skin care is not to harm the skin. When you draw the skin to a line out of its own balance by using aggressive and harsh chemical products, your skin makes a serious effort to find its own balance and gets tired.

However, we are in favor of using this effort to make your skin glow. When we say cares that do not tire the skin and integrate with the skin, we recommend treatments that support its natural state and reveal the beauty in its essence. With care that supports its own balance and nature, the skin becomes unbelievably beautiful, radiant and finally happy. Happy skin is the skin that has found its balance for us and that is peaceful and at the same time glowing with health.


When creating a skin routine, I attach great importance to the cleansing of the cleanser without drying or stretching the skin. Hard washing gels unfortunately dry the precious oil (sebum) that the skin produces to prevent moisture loss and cause the skin barrier to thin. Decreased sebum in the skin means that your skin is more prone to moisture loss. Dehydrated skin ages prematurely.

Gentle cleaning consists of oil-based products. Cleansing with oil helps balance the skin's precious sebum secretion. As a result, your skin barrier does not weaken. No moisture loss occurs with gentle cleansers.

For gentle and gentle cleaning, I recommend SOFT&GENTLE OIL-BASED CLEANER . CLICK HERE to examine it in more detail and add it to your skin care routine!

2- Toning :

The second step of the skin care routine is to wipe the skin with tonic cotton or to spray the toner. There are two important reasons for applying tonic to the skin after the cleansing phase.

It is a complement to cleaning in terms of purifying your primary pores. Unfortunately, classical cleansers cannot clean our pores. Providing antioxidant support to the pores and metabolic balancing of the skin surface is the task of the tonic.

Secondly, before moisturizing the skin, it purifies the dead cells responsible for the dry and dull appearance of the skin and reduces the absorption ability of the skin. This ensures that care products such as moisturizing or serum are better absorbed by the skin. Dead skin cells do not accumulate on the skin you wipe with cotton, which allows your serum or moisturizer to be better absorbed and your skin to benefit more.

One of the most common questions we get is whether the tonic should be applied to the skin with cotton or sprayed on the face.

Our recommendation is the COTTON WIPE method, where you can meet your daily micro-exfoliation needs and increase the absorption of skin products with a physical wiping process.

My suggestion to you is that there is no drying agent in the tonics you will use. Because if we dry the skin while cleaning or toning the skin, unfortunately, the performance of the moisturizer we will use in the next step will be low.

My recommendation for a moisturizing tonic is HYDRATE PLUS MOISTURIZING TONIC . CLICK HERE to examine it in more detail and add it to your skin care routine !

3- Humidification :

Moisturizing is the most important step of skin care, even its main purpose in my opinion. Skin care without an effective moisturizing step is a big waste of time.

Moisturizing makes our skin look more supple and lively. Moist skin does not show signs of premature aging.999999087

Conventional industrial humidifiers contain paraffin as oil or mineral oils made from petroleum. These oils are not harmful to the skin, but they are not beneficial either! These moisturizers, which contain mineral oil and paraffin, which do not benefit the skin at all, are preferred more often because they are more common and more affordable than natural moisturizers. When choosing your moisturizer, you can choose moisturizers containing natural oils that will add value to your skin.

Another common mistake is trying to moisturize the skin by using a serum or balm produced only with oil, which does not contain water.

The most important component in a humidifier is water. water in the environment also the presence of hygroscopic ingredients enhances the moisturizer's ability to hydrate the skin.

Moisturizers prepared with moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which absorb moisture very effectively and hold a thousand times its own weight in water, support the skin's own cycles in the best way.

The precious oils in its content support the skin barrier and nourish the skin, while essential oils work against aging with their antioxidant properties.

CLICK HERE to review my suggestion for repairing and moisturizing RENOVATE& HY9 0 tay and add it to your skin care routine!

4- Sunscreen Cream:

Many women are not yet aware of the damage the sun does to the skin. Because the effects appear gradually and in the long term.

People who experience the most sensitive skin condition can understand the harmful effects of the sun. Sun rays can instantly trigger problems such as Rosacea, Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis or Seborrheic Dermatitis. Especially people in this group clearly know the difference between using sunscreen cream and not. They can control their complaints with appropriate sunscreen cream.

Sunburn (or redness and tan) is a visible and easily healed condition caused by UVB rays. However, sun damage is a condition that damages our skin even on cloudy days such as UVA1 and UVA2.

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These are my recommendations for basic skin care.

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