Like A Surgeon Natural Face Serum
Like A Surgeon Natural Face Serum
Like A Surgeon Natural Face Serum
Like A Surgeon Natural Face Serum
Like A Surgeon Natural Face Serum
Like A Surgeon Natural Face Serum
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Like A Surgeon Natural Face Serum

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An elixir suitable for all skin types, able to meet the demanding skin care demands of unstable environmental factors and city life.

Suitable for all skin types, including oily and combination skin.

Benefits of using Like a Surgeon Natural Serum:

  • Improves skin barrier function.
  • It helps accelerate cell renewal, targets fine lines and blemishes, and has an effect on visible signs of premature aging.
  • It keeps the skin moist and supple.
  • It stimulates collagen production.


**All Evolvy products are formulated by Pharmacist Evrim Damar Konuk and produced in small batches in our laboratory in accordance with GMP requirements.


**All Evolvy products are made using natural, vegan, botanical ingredients and are not tested on animals.


In daily skin care, the serum we recommend for the early antiaging skin care of women aged 30-40 contains 14 types of vegetable oil and low dose vitamin A. It is applied after your moisturizer in daily skin care. 100% natural face serum is quickly absorbed from the skin, does not leave a greasy feeling, makes your skin smooth and soft. It gives vitality and freshness from the first use even on the most tired skin.

Natural face serum is easily absorbed by your skin, its content is intense and nourishing. The face serum, which is produced in liquid form, acts on the deep parts of your skin and performs complete care and repair. Facial serum, which provides the moisture balance of your skin, nourishes your skin and helps cell renewal. Since it consists entirely of natural oils, its effect is very sharp and permanent compared to other care products you use due to its structure.

As you get older, signs of aging begin to appear in every person, and these symptoms are most common in the face area. Facial serums reduce the signs of aging and maintain a youthful appearance.

Offering intensive care, Like a Surgeon Natural Facial Serum is an intensive product that meets the care you need in every way. It is generally thought that products such as facial serum are used in advanced ages. However, anyone over the age of 30 can use it safely.

What Does Like A Surgeon Facial Serum Promise?

Like A Surgeon Facial Serum penetrates deeply into your skin and provides the moisture it needs. After using the face care serum , you will notice that your skin is brighter than usual.

There are barriers on your skin to protect it from external factors. The use of facial serum also strengthens these barriers. If you are someone who is outside every day or puts on a lot of makeup, your skin barriers need to be strong. Therefore, the use of facial serum is very necessary.

The use of facial serum tightens your skin and eliminates small wrinkles. In addition, since your skin receives the moisture it needs, the elastic structure of your skin is preserved. Elastic skin means no signs of aging. When young people use face serum, they take the right precautions for their advanced age and minimize the signs of aging of the skin.

In the use of face serum, it is very important to use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, regularly. With regular use, your skin will be completely renewed at the end of 1 month.

Why Is Like A Surgeon Face Serum Different?

Like A Surgeon serums are 100% natural products. It contains natural essential oils and fixed oils. The product does not contain any harmful chemicals. When the face serum is researched as a recommendation, the product most trusted by women is Like A Surgeon Face Serum.

Like a Surgeon Facial Serum is suitable for all skin types. While formulated, it has been developed to be effective on all skin types. It also contains a variety of vegetable oils. The most important issue for your skin is to maintain its moisture balance. Like a Surgeon Natural Facial Serum also ensures that the moisture balance of the skin is protected one hundred percent.

The product also refreshes your skin. As it moisturizes, renews and balances, the barriers on your skin become stronger than ever before. You will have soft and glowing skin.

Since the face serum, which gives a fresh appearance, is natural, it has no side effects against your skin. During use, you must first clean your face. You can use a cleanser and toner you trust for the cleaning process. After using the tonic, you can apply the face serum.

What Does Like a Surgeon Natural Face Serum Do?

Like a Surgeon face serums provide all the care your skin needs on its own. Your skin will be much brighter than ever before. Like a Surgeon face serum, which is in the first place in the recommendation of serum for the face, maintains its balance while moisturizing your skin.

If you have small wrinkles on your face caused by fatigue or stress, it will remove them. While it brightens your skin, it also brightens your skin and gives you a fresh look. It strengthens the connective tissues of your skin and strengthens the barrier structure.

Consolidation of connective tissue is the most natural and effective measure that can be taken against sagging that may occur as age progresses. You can apply it to both your face and neck while using it. During the application, massage your skin at the same time and ensure that your skin absorbs it in this way.

When your skin absorbs the serum, you can also use the supportive care products you use. When your skin does not get the moisture it needs, it dries out. Therefore, you will ensure the moisture balance of the skin with the use of serum.

How to Use Like A Surgeon Facial Serum?

Like A Surgeon facial serum is applied daily. You can only use it in the evening if you wish. It is suitable to be applied to three different areas: your face, neck and décolleté.

The point you should pay attention to during use is that it does not come into contact with your eyes and around your eyes. If it comes into contact with your eye area, you can wash it off using plenty of water without panic.

The most nourishing care product for your skin is the face serum. It provides your moisture balance by deeply penetrating and nourishing your skin. With regular use, your skin always gets the moisture it needs. It is specially produced for rapid absorption due to its structure. If classical moisturizing products are not enough for you and your skin remains dry, you should definitely use a face serum.

Its liquid structure is for penetrating deeper parts of your skin. Since it is absorbed into the deep parts of your skin, if you clean your skin well before using it, you will moisturize your skin to the deepest point.

Like a Surgeon Natural Face Serum - What are the Storage Conditions?

The point you should pay attention to after using Like A Surgeon Facial Serum is to keep the lid closed at all times. It should be stored in an area that is free of moisture, out of light and at room temperature.

You can continue to use the product for 9 months from the moment you start using it.

The face serum is also very effective for skin with blemishes. It can remove blemishes on your skin. When the moisture balance of the acne-prone skin is ensured, the problematic appearance is also eliminated. One of its most advantageous features is that it delays the signs of aging. There is no age or period that you have to wait for the use of face serum. Anyone over the age of 20 can use natural face serums.

Since classical care products cannot fight against every external factor that will negatively affect your skin, the use of face serum will be very supportive.

Like a Surgeon Natural Face Serum - Product Content

  • Borage Oil,
  • Ozonated Argan Oil,
  • Jojoba Oil,
  • Grape Seed Oil,
  • Sunflower oil,
  • Shea (Shea) Butter,
  • Coconut Oil Triglyceride,
  • Pure Vitamin E,
  • Vitamin A,
  • Daily Essential Oil,
  • Vetivert Essential Oil,
  • Patchouli Essential Oil,
  • Geranium Essential Oil,
  • Lavender Essential Oil,
  • Lemon Essential Oil,
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Do not use the product without an allergy test.

Click here for information on how to do it .

In the dermatological test study performed on volunteers, it was reported to be dermatologically uneventful. Dermatologically tested.

Like A Surgeon Natural Face Serum

Aroma - Fragrance

Geranium, Lemon Peel, Daily, Orange Peel, Vetivert, Lavender


30 cc White Glass Dropper Bottle




Light Yellow - Yellow


Liquid Oil Consistency

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